Sony E 30mm

My second purchased lens during the holiday has finally arrived, it is the Sony E Mount 30mm Macro. I don’t own any E mount lens from Sony, I only have couple used Sigma lens; 19 and 30mm, they both are very good lens. Most of the time I was using old manual focuses lens on my Nex 6. This 30mm lens auto-focuses quickly and accurately, except at very close distances, then it fails to focus at all much of the time.  Based on my experiences with other macro lenses, this is very normal. The initial test shot of this lens show good quality. All in all, I like this lens so far, especially, I bought it from eBay in great bargains.

All photos below are taken using this 30mm Marco. Happy New Year

DSC08089 DSC08090 DSC08099 DSC08100 DSC08102 DSC08103 DSC08114 DSC08123 DSC08126 

How to travel fast!

Always love traveling and photography, but the ture is very hard to find time to go vacation. That’s why I come up with a way (my way) of travel (to my backyard), when I see any little visitors (bugs) to my backyard, I will run into the house, grab my photo gear, come back and take some shots of these little creatures. This whole process makes me feel like I have traveled to a different world (a macro world).
P1070088 P1070091 P1070055 P1060963 P1060798-Edit P1060470 P1060304 P1060281 P1090461


Welcome to my online portfolio page. Here, I display my professional works, and also my hobby works (photos) as well. I am a multimedia designer; I love traveling, photography and motion graphics. I photograph anything, anywhere at any time. I have no specific photographic interest. I’m always looking for something to photograph, from a macro to a seascape. I love color and I love composition.
Below are some photos I took from my backyard. Thanks!
P1110383 P1110007 P1100995 P1100915 P1070356 P1070078 P1060152 P1040419 P1020203