Panasonic FZ200

Purchase this used camera few months ago. Just didn’t have time to try it out until now. I think it is good enough for macro photo. Smaller sensor got better macro depth of field, but it does give up some image quality. In all, I feel very happy with this camera. For sure will try it more. The photos below are some very tiny insect, the smallest are just couples mm long. 

P1180384 P1180422 P1180433 P1180441 P1180449 P1180451 P1180466 P1180469 P1180499 P1180507 P1180517

Cat Town Cafe

I went Cat Town Cafe with my wife and daughter yesterday. The Cat Town Cafe is split into two rooms, the Cafe and the Cat Zone. The Cat Zone has some between 6-9 free roaming cats who are available for adoption, and you can freely interact with them. My daughter has chance to play with some cats there, and I have chance to take some cat photos.  It’s a fun day.

cattown_01 cattown_02 cattown_03 cattown_04 cattown_05 cattown_06 cattown_07 cattown_08 cattown_09

Sony E 30mm

My second purchased lens during the holiday has finally arrived, it is the Sony E Mount 30mm Macro. I don’t own any E mount lens from Sony, I only have couple used Sigma lens; 19 and 30mm, they both are very good lens. Most of the time I was using old manual focuses lens on my Nex 6. This 30mm lens auto-focuses quickly and accurately, except at very close distances, then it fails to focus at all much of the time.  Based on my experiences with other macro lenses, this is very normal. The initial test shot of this lens show good quality. All in all, I like this lens so far, especially, I bought it from eBay in great bargains.

All photos below are taken using this 30mm Marco. Happy New Year

DSC08089 DSC08090 DSC08099 DSC08100 DSC08102 DSC08103 DSC08114 DSC08123 DSC08126